Garden Design

Make a home garden. It’s now easier than ever.

Our Garden Maps are blueprints for your gardening success. Start with a design that suits your experience and tickles your taste buds. Then install it and watch the fruits of your labor flourish.

The location of each plant is printed with numbers on our custom-made landscaping fabric. Simply cut X shapes where each one goes and you’re all set to start digging. The fabric is also a durable weed barrier that will help keep your garden tidy for many seasons.

Choose from our large collection of gardens. From an urban herb garden to large rows of vegetables to even a zesty salsa-themed garden. You can whet your appetite with something small or dive straight into a big, backyard hobby for the whole family.

Where to start…

Beginner gardeners and more advanced gardeners alike face many obstacles, especially when experimenting with different types of plants.

Some plants work beautifully as companions and can even help increase yields. Did you know placing basil beside your tomatoes enhances the tomatoes’ vigor and flavor profile? However, asparagus and garlic are incompatible garden mates, because they will compete for the same nutrients in the soil. 

Many first-time gardeners give up simply because they don’t know where to start. You might even think you’re on the right track. Then three months later discover that your eggplants are blocking the sunlight from your lettuce. We’ve planned this all out for you and are here to set you up for success from square one.

Professional planning, so you don’t have to

A well-designed garden flourishes. That’s why our gardens are designed by a team of experts with degrees in horticulture and agriculture. 

Isabella, our virtual garden assistant lets you know when to prune, trellis, and harvest your plants, as well as some extra tips and tricks along the way. It even includes recipes for some of the themed gardens!

Keep an eye out for some tasty chef inspired recipes timed with your harvesting dates!

Whether you’re starting out and want a small pepper garden or are more advanced and want a larger plot full of herbs, fruits, and vegetables, we’re here to help you cultivate.

Made by you, shared with loved ones

Just imagine biting into a fresh vegetable picked right off the stem. The feeling of growing your own food is impossible to describe. So is the experience of tending to your own garden. It’s even better to share that with family. 

A garden lets you step outside your busy schedule. Relax while watering and caring for your plants. Watching them grow. Memories are made in gardens. And of course, sharing the bounties of your harvest with neighbors and friends is always a treat.