Elijah Blue Fescue

Festuca glauca 'Elijah Blue'

Family: Fescue

Type: Ornamental grass

Other Common Name: Festuca ovina var. glauca

Elijah Blue Fescue, or Festuca glauca ‘Elijah Blue’, is a distinctive ornamental grass known for its striking blue foliage. It’s a dwarf variety, forming neat tufts of fine, icy blue leaves.

This variety is celebrated for its vibrant color that lasts throughout the year. It’s a drought-tolerant and low-maintenance plant, making it an ideal choice for a variety of landscaping needs.

Elijah Blue Fescue is perfect for adding texture and color contrast in gardens. Its compact size and unique hue make it a standout among green foliage and colorful flowers.

Needs & Preferences

Hardiness Zone: 2b-9a

Pet Friendly: Yes

Moisture Preference: Dry to average

Sun Needs: Full sun to partial shade

Drought Tolerance (Xeriscape): Yes


Growth Rate: Medium

Average Height (feet): 0.5

Average Spread (feet): 1

Average Life Span (years): 8

Form: Mounded


Foliage Color: Blue

Foliage Shape: Grassy

Landscaping Your Yard With Elijah Blue Fescue

Elijah Blue Fescue is excellent for creating visual interest in your yard. Its bright blue foliage brings a cool tone to the landscape, contrasting well with warmer colors.

Use it as a border plant, in rock gardens, or as a groundcover. Its small size and tidy growth habit make it ideal for defining garden edges or filling in gaps.

It’s also a great choice for container gardening. Its compact nature and striking color make it a perfect accent for patios and balconies.


Suitable Garden Styles

Modern Garden

Elijah Blue Fescue fits well in modern garden designs. Its fine texture and bright color complement the clean lines and minimalist approach of contemporary landscapes.

Rock Garden

In rock gardens, Elijah Blue Fescue adds a soft textural contrast to the hard surfaces. Its blue hue harmonizes with the natural colors of stones and gravel.

Xeriscape Garden

As a drought-tolerant plant, Elijah Blue Fescue is ideal for xeriscaping. It requires minimal water and care, perfect for sustainable, low-water garden designs.

Elijah Blue Fescue Landscaping Ideas

Plant in clusters to create a sea of blue. Grouping several plants together enhances the visual impact of their unique color.

Combine with brightly colored flowers. The blue foliage contrasts beautifully with vibrant blooms, highlighting both textures and hues.

Use as an accent in a mixed border. Elijah Blue Fescue can break up greenery and add interest with its color and form.

Seasonal Interest


In spring, Elijah Blue Fescue begins to grow back if it has been cut back in the fall. Fresh blue-green blades emerge, revitalizing the plant's color.


During the summer, Elijah Blue Fescue maintains its vibrant blue foliage. It remains a standout feature in the garden, with minimal care required.


In the fall, the color of Elijah Blue Fescue remains consistent. The grass maintains its shape and hue, providing continued interest in the autumn landscape.


In winter, Elijah Blue Fescue retains much of its color, especially in milder climates. It adds texture and a splash of color to the winter garden, even when other plants are dormant.

Planting Tips

Where to Plant

Elijah Blue Fescue thrives in full sun to partial shade areas. A location with full sun is ideal for achieving the brightest blue foliage color.


Full sun exposure is key for Elijah Blue Fescue to maintain its vibrant blue color. It can tolerate partial shade, but its color may be less intense in reduced light.


Well-drained, moderately fertile soil suits Elijah Blue Fescue best. It can tolerate poor soil conditions and is adaptable to various soil types, including sandy and rocky soils.


Plant Elijah Blue Fescue about 10 to 12 inches apart. This spacing allows each clump to develop fully and prevents overcrowding, ensuring healthy growth.

When to Plant

The best time to plant Elijah Blue Fescue is in the spring or early fall. Cooler temperatures during these seasons help the plant establish without the stress of extreme heat or cold.

How to Plant

Dig a hole slightly larger than the root ball, place the plant in, and fill with soil. Water thoroughly after planting and consider adding a light layer of mulch to conserve moisture.

Plant Care Tips


Water regularly after planting until Elijah Blue Fescue is established. Once established, it is drought-tolerant, requiring minimal watering except during prolonged dry spells.


Fertilize lightly in the spring with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer. Over-fertilizing can lead to excessive green growth and diminish the blue color of the foliage.


Cut back the foliage in late winter or early spring to remove any dead or discolored leaves and encourage fresh, vibrant growth.

Spring Care

In spring, prune to remove old growth, and apply a light fertilizer. Ensure the plant is well-watered, especially if the season is dry.

Summer Care

During summer, Elijah Blue Fescue requires minimal care. Water during dry periods and ensure it receives full sun for the best coloration.

Fall Care

In fall, reduce watering as the plant starts to go dormant. This is a good time to add a layer of mulch for winter protection.

Winter Care

Elijah Blue Fescue is generally low-maintenance in winter. In colder regions, a protective layer of mulch can help safeguard the roots.


How Tall Does Elijah Blue Fescue Grow?

Elijah Blue Fescue typically grows to about 6 to 10 inches in height, forming neat, compact mounds.

Is Elijah Blue Fescue Evergreen?

Yes, Elijah Blue Fescue is considered evergreen or semi-evergreen, retaining its color throughout the year in many climates.

Can Elijah Blue Fescue Be Divided?

Yes, it can be divided in early spring every few years to rejuvenate the plant and encourage more vigorous growth.

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