Intro to Landscaping

The power of professional design is at your fingertips

Our landscape designs are garden blueprints that YOU can bring to life. Pick the best Garden Map for your yard and install it yourself. Making a beautiful home landscape has never been this easy or fun.

This eliminates the thousands of dollars and dozens of hours spent hiring a landscape designer and contractor. Give your home that same level of curb appeal at a fraction of the cost. Why shouldn’t your yard be a place you cherish?

Where to start…

Your property has so much potential. Learn just a few basic principles to help you pick out the perfect design and place it in just the right spot. 

Assess your space

First look at the size and shape of the area around your home. Small spaces typically look best with small designs and plants, and vice versa. 

A big, open, rectangular front yard might benefit from an island arrangement with a tree to visually break things up, while an empty corner in your side yard can be filled out with a small triangular design.

Consider your needs

If you love gardening and changing up flowers every year, then consider designs that are more advanced and feature annuals. If you aren’t ready to tackle something big, choose a beginner landscape that requires less maintenance and build in stages.

Perhaps you want a more secluded backyard, but don’t like the idea of putting up a fence. Privacy hedges provide great natural barriers that typically feature evergreen trees and shrubs that look great year round. 

Find what you love

The fun starts once you’ve narrowed things down. Do you prefer more wild, naturalistic designs, or structured, classical compositions? 

We offer Japanese themed gardens when seeking a zen atmosphere, and also butterfly gardens for when you want to flutter around more playfully. Find your own expression in our vast selection of designs.

Professional design

Studies show that adding beautiful, professionally designed landscaping to your home increases the property value by 5-15%. So even a small accent planting pays off, if it’s done properly.

That’s why all of our Garden Maps are designed by a team of experts with degrees in landscape design and horticulture. We deck out these designs with gorgeous, 3D renderings to help you visualize the perfect match for your yard.

Made by you

Our patented landscape fabric is a durable weed barrier at its core and will last for many years as the garden matures into a thing of beauty.

Remember how wonderful your paint by numbers art looked when you were done? Or how soothing it felt to fill in a coloring book? Our landscape fabrics work the same way. Each plant has an exact numbered location clearly printed on the fabric. So you simply cut an X shape where each plant goes and you’re ready to start digging! 

The only tools you need to get started are a shovel and scissors. But you don’t have to do it alone. Throw a backyard bbq and maybe your friends will pitch in. It’s also a fun family project. The garden will look impressive, even if it was easy. 

Which canvas will you choose?