Flower Garden, Simplified

Each of our Garden Maps is a flower bed design printed on weed-blocking fabric for super easy DIY’s.

How it Works

Unlock beautiful flower bed ideas and build your dream flower garden in 3 simple steps.


Assess your space


Position garden map


Add your plants


Step back and enjoy

Good investment for your back yard

The most affordable way to increase your home’s appeal and add value to your property.

Perfect spacing

Design layouts are PRINTED on landscaping fabric so you won’t need to spend hours measuring or aligning

Quick and easy installation

You’ll be done in 2 to 4 hours, so you can stop wasting time and go straight to what you really enjoy – spending time in your garden

Seasonal Blooms

Each design includes plants that bloom at different times of year, so your garden always has a pop of color

Ideal plant pairings

So you never have to worry if your plants will compete with each oth

Designs for Backyard, Fenceline, Curb, and more

Easily transform any space around your home

Low-maintenance garden

Due to weed-blocking fabric

Designed by professionals

So you won’t need to spend money on a Landscape Designer

Simple & Affordable

So you can dramatically boost the value and appeal of your property, no installation contractor needed

Explore Flower Gardens


Find the Perfect Flower Bed Design

Not all plants thrive in all places and climate conditions. This is why it’s essential to know your state’s climate zone.
Type in your ZIP code, and we will display only the designs that will flourish in your location.

Search Designs

PBN Garden Map – A Patented Product

Our Garden Map takes all the guesswork out of planning and planting your flower garden:

  • Each flower bed design is carefully crafted by a Master Gardener and incorporates all the major landscape design principles.
  • Each plant is strategically positioned to ensure optimal plant growth and attractive aesthetics.

Simply follow the step-by-step guide to make your flower bed ideas a reality.

Hardiness zones

It’s hard knowing which plants will thrive in your location. Thankfully the USDA has created a Plant Hardiness Zone Map.

Enter your ZIP Code to determine your hardiness zone*

Please enter valid ZIP code.

*Your Hardiness Zone is:

Learn More

Guides and Materials

Want to get started planting but don’t know where to begin? We have everything you need to get started.

  • Gardening tips and tricks
  • Expert insights
  • Flower Bed Ideas
  • Functional gardening
  • DIY Landscaping

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Unleash the beauty of nature in your backyard. Explore our blog for expert insights on DIY landscaping and flower bed ideas.

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