Blue Pyramid Arizona Cypress

Cupressus arizonica 'Blue Pyramid'

Family: Cypress

Type: Tree

The Blue Pyramid Arizona Cypress is a striking evergreen tree, renowned for its unique blue-green foliage and pyramidal shape. This tree provides year-round interest with its dense, conical form and aromatic leaves. It is an excellent choice for adding structure and color to any landscape.

Growing well in USDA zones 7 through 9, this cypress is both heat and drought-tolerant once established. It prefers full sun and can reach heights of 20-30 feet, making it a prominent feature in any garden setting. Its adaptability to various soil types, combined with its low water needs, makes it an easy-care choice for gardeners.

The Blue Pyramid Arizona Cypress is also known for its resistance to common tree diseases and pests. This resilience, along with its attractive foliage, makes it a popular choice for both residential and public landscapes. It’s particularly favored for its ability to provide privacy and windbreaks due to its dense growth.

Needs & Preferences

Hardiness Zone: 5b-7a

Deer Resistant: Yes

Pet Friendly: Yes

Moisture Preference: Dry to average

Sun Needs: Full sun

Drought Tolerance (Xeriscape): Yes


Growth Rate: Fast

Average Height (feet): 45

Average Spread (feet): 15

Average Life Span (years): 60

Form: Pyramidal


Foliage Color: Green

Foliage Shape: Threadlike

Bark Color: Indian red

Bark Texture: Peeling

Landscaping Your Yard With Blue Pyramid Arizona Cypress

This cypress serves as an excellent specimen tree. Its distinct color and shape make it a natural focal point in any garden. Plant it where its unique form can be admired year-round.

When used in group plantings, the Blue Pyramid Arizona Cypress creates an effective privacy screen or windbreak. Its dense foliage provides excellent coverage and noise reduction. This makes it ideal for creating secluded outdoor living spaces or shielding your yard from wind and noise.

Incorporate this tree into a mixed evergreen border for added texture and color contrast. It pairs well with other conifers and broadleaf evergreens. The Blue Pyramid’s blue-green foliage stands out against darker greens, adding depth and interest to the garden.


Suitable Garden Styles

Formal Garden

In a formal garden, the Blue Pyramid Arizona Cypress can be used to create symmetry and structure. Its uniform shape is ideal for framing garden entrances or pathways, contributing to the garden's orderly appearance.

Mediterranean Garden

This cypress is a great addition to Mediterranean-style gardens. Its drought tolerance and full sun preference align with the typical Mediterranean garden's requirements. Its blue-green foliage complements the warm tones often found in these landscapes.

Contemporary Garden

The Blue Pyramid Arizona Cypress fits well in contemporary garden designs. Its sleek, pyramidal form and unique color can be used as a statement piece in minimalist landscapes, providing a focal point amidst simpler plantings.

Blue Pyramid Arizona Cypress Landscaping Ideas

Use this cypress as an anchor for garden beds and borders. Its stable form provides a constant backdrop for seasonal blooms and changing foliage. This helps to maintain a sense of continuity in the garden throughout the year.

Plant the Blue Pyramid Arizona Cypress in rows to create a living fence. This not only enhances privacy but also adds a natural, aesthetic boundary to your property. The trees’ height and density make them an excellent choice for this purpose.

Incorporate the cypress in rock gardens or xeriscapes. Its drought tolerance and structural form make it a fitting addition to these low-water landscapes. It adds height and color to areas that predominantly feature low-growing plants.

Seasonal Interest


In spring, the Blue Pyramid Arizona Cypress begins to put on new growth. Its blue-green needles become more vibrant, heralding the start of the growing season.


During summer, the tree maintains its rich color and dense form. It provides a stable, evergreen presence in the garden, offering shade and a cool, tranquil spot.


In the fall, while many plants lose their leaves, the Blue Pyramid Arizona Cypress remains unchanged. Its evergreen nature ensures that it continues to add color and structure to the garden.


Winter highlights the tree's value as an evergreen. Its blue-green foliage stands out against the barren landscape, offering color and life in the coldest months.

Planting Tips

Where to Plant

Choose a location with full sun exposure for the Blue Pyramid Arizona Cypress. It thrives in open spaces where it can grow without shade from buildings or other trees. This tree is perfect for large yards, parks, or open landscapes.


Full sun is essential for the health and growth of the Blue Pyramid Arizona Cypress. It needs at least six hours of direct sunlight daily for optimal growth and foliage color. Insufficient sunlight can lead to sparse foliage and stunted growth.


This cypress is adaptable to a range of soil types but prefers well-drained, slightly acidic to neutral soils. It can tolerate some drought and poor soils once established, making it a versatile choice for various landscapes.


Space these trees at least 15-20 feet apart to accommodate their mature size. Proper spacing ensures healthy growth, adequate air circulation, and maintains the tree's natural form without overcrowding.

When to Plant

Plant the Blue Pyramid Arizona Cypress in early spring or fall. Cooler temperatures during these seasons help the tree establish its root system, reducing stress and promoting healthy growth.

How to Plant

Dig a hole twice as wide and just as deep as the root ball. Place the tree in the hole, ensuring it’s standing straight, and backfill with soil. Water thoroughly after planting to settle the soil around the roots.

Plant Care Tips


Water the tree regularly during its first growing season to establish a deep, extensive root system. Once established, it is drought-tolerant and requires minimal watering, except in extreme drought conditions.


Fertilize in early spring with a slow-release, balanced fertilizer formulated for evergreens. Over-fertilizing can lead to rapid growth at the expense of the tree’s natural shape and color.


Minimal pruning is needed. If desired, prune in late winter or early spring to shape the tree or remove any dead or damaged branches. Avoid heavy pruning to maintain its natural pyramid shape.

By Season


Spring Care

In spring, apply fertilizer and prune if necessary. This is also a good time to mulch around the base to retain moisture and regulate soil temperature.

Summer Care

During summer, ensure the tree is watered during prolonged dry periods. Monitor for pests or diseases, treating as necessary to maintain health and vigor.

Fall Care

In the fall, reduce watering as the tree prepares for dormancy. This is also a time to clean up fallen needles and apply a fresh layer of mulch for winter protection.

Winter Care

No specific winter care is needed. The Blue Pyramid Arizona Cypress is well-adapted to cold temperatures. Check for any damage from heavy snow or ice and remove it promptly to prevent branch breakage.


How Fast Does Blue Pyramid Arizona Cypress Grow?

The Blue Pyramid Arizona Cypress is a moderately fast-growing tree, adding about 1-2 feet per year. Its growth rate makes it a good choice for those seeking a relatively quick-growing evergreen.

Can Blue Pyramid Arizona Cypress Be Used for Hedges?

Yes, when planted in a row and properly spaced, the Blue Pyramid Arizona Cypress can create an effective and attractive hedge or privacy screen. Its dense foliage and height make it ideal for this purpose.

Is Blue Pyramid Arizona Cypress Resistant to Pests and Diseases?

This tree is generally resistant to common pests and diseases. However, like all plants, it can be susceptible under certain conditions. Regular monitoring and proper care can help maintain its health and vigor.

Products That Feature This Plant

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