Celtic Pride Siberian Cypress

Microbiota decussata 'Celtic Pride'

Family: Russian Cypress

Type: Shrub

Other Common Name: Russian Arborvitae

Celtic Pride Siberian Cypress is a hardy, evergreen shrub known for its versatility and resilience. Its dense, feathery foliage provides year-round interest in the landscape.

This cultivar is distinguished by its low, spreading habit and rich green color. It is an excellent choice for ground cover, as it grows uniformly and requires minimal maintenance.

The plant’s ability to withstand harsh conditions, including cold winters and dry spells, makes it a reliable choice for various garden settings.

Needs & Preferences

Hardiness Zone: 2a-3a

Deer Resistant: Yes

Pet Friendly: Yes

Moisture Preference: Average to moist

Sun Needs: Full sun to shade


Growth Rate: Slow

Average Height (feet): 2

Average Spread (feet): 5

Average Life Span (years): 30

Form: Mounded


Foliage Color: Green

Leaf Fall Color: Orange

Foliage Shape: Scale

Bark Color: Brown

Bark Texture: Rough

Landscaping Your Yard With Celtic Pride Siberian Cypress

Celtic Pride Siberian Cypress is perfect for creating lush, green carpets in landscapes. Its growth habit fills spaces effectively, suppressing weeds.

Use it on slopes or banks for erosion control. Its roots help stabilize soil while its foliage adds beauty to challenging areas.

Incorporate it into foundation plantings or as an evergreen border. Its consistent color and texture provide a neat, polished look throughout the year.


Suitable Garden Styles

Rock Gardens

In rock gardens, this plant adds a soft, green contrast to hard stones and boulders. It's well-suited for crevices and rocky terrains.

Formal Gardens

For formal gardens, Celtic Pride Siberian Cypress offers structure and elegance. Its uniform growth complements symmetrical designs and manicured landscapes.

Woodland Gardens

This shrub thrives in woodland garden settings, blending seamlessly with naturalistic plantings. It complements ferns and shade-loving perennials.

Celtic Pride Siberian Cypress Landscaping Ideas

Pair it with flowering perennials for textural contrast. The green backdrop of the cypress enhances the colors of seasonal blooms.

Use as a ground cover under tall trees. It fills the undercanopy area with lush greenery, thriving even in partial shade.

Plant in containers for deck or patio greenery. Its manageable size and shape make it suitable for container gardening.

Seasonal Interest


In spring, Celtic Pride Siberian Cypress showcases vibrant green foliage. New growth emerges, refreshing the plant's appearance.


During summer, it maintains its deep green hue, offering a cooling effect. The dense foliage becomes a haven for small wildlife.


In fall, the plant remains steadfastly green, providing a constant in the changing landscape. It pairs well with autumn colors.


In winter, the cypress endures, sometimes taking on a slightly bronze tone in extreme cold. It remains a stalwart feature in the winter garden.

Planting Tips

Where to Plant

Celtic Pride Siberian Cypress does well in areas with full sun to partial shade. It’s ideal for spaces that need low, spreading coverage.


This plant thrives in a variety of light conditions, from full sun to partial shade. Adequate sunlight ensures optimal growth and foliage density.


It prefers well-draining soil but is adaptable to a range of soil types. Good drainage is key to preventing root rot.


Space plants about 3 to 4 feet apart. This allows each plant enough room to grow to its full spread without overcrowding.

When to Plant

The best times to plant are in the spring or early fall. These seasons provide moderate temperatures for root establishment.

How to Plant

Plant at the same depth it was in the container. Water thoroughly after planting to settle the soil around the roots.

Plant Care Tips


Regular watering is crucial, especially in the first year. Once established, the plant is more drought-tolerant.


Apply a balanced fertilizer in early spring to promote healthy growth. Avoid over-fertilizing, which can harm the plant.


Pruning is rarely needed. If desired, lightly trim in late winter or early spring to maintain shape.

By Season


Spring Care

In spring, check for winter damage and prune as necessary. Water well as new growth appears.

Summer Care

Ensure adequate watering during dry periods. Monitor for pests or diseases and treat if necessary.

Fall Care

Prepare for winter by reducing watering. Clear any debris around the plant to prevent fungal issues.

Winter Care

No special winter care is needed. In very cold climates, a layer of mulch can help protect the roots.


How fast does Celtic Pride Siberian Cypress grow?

This plant grows moderately, filling in space steadily over a few years. It’s not an overly fast spreader but provides reliable coverage.

Is it deer resistant?

Celtic Pride Siberian Cypress is somewhat deer resistant. While no plant is completely deer-proof, it’s not a preferred choice for deer.

Can it be used as a lawn alternative?

Yes, it can be an effective lawn alternative in areas with light foot traffic. Its dense growth habit creates a lush, evergreen ground cover.

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