Dahlietta Patty Dahlia

Dahlia 'Dahlietta Patty'

Family: Dahlia

Type: Annual

Dahlietta Patty Dahlia is a vibrant and charming addition to any garden, known for its stunning, brightly colored flowers. These compact dahlias are perfect for containers and small garden spaces, bringing a burst of color wherever they’re planted. Their blooms range in shades from deep pinks to rich purples, adding a touch of drama and beauty.

Ideal for growing in USDA zones 9-11, Dahlietta Patty Dahlias thrive in warm climates and require full sun to partial shade. They are relatively easy to care for, making them suitable for both novice and experienced gardeners. Regular deadheading encourages more blooms, extending their flowering season.

These dahlias are not just visually appealing but also attract pollinators like butterflies and bees, adding life and movement to your garden. Their long blooming period, from early summer to the first frost, ensures a continuous display of color. The compact size of Dahlietta Patty Dahlias makes them a versatile choice for various garden styles and settings.

Needs & Preferences

Hardiness Zone: 8a-11b

Pet Friendly: Yes

Moisture Preference: Average to moist

Sun Needs: Full sun to partial shade


Growth Rate: Medium

Average Height (feet): 1

Average Spread (feet): 1

Average Life Span (years): 10

Form: Upright spreading


Flower Color: Red

Flower Eye Color: Yellow

Flower Shape: Daisy

Bloom Season: From early summer to mid fall

Foliage Color: Green

Foliage Shape: Pointy

Landscaping Your Yard With Dahlietta Patty Dahlia

Dahlietta Patty Dahlias are perfect for creating vibrant accents in flower beds. Plant them in groups for a bold color statement. Their compact size makes them ideal for filling gaps in your garden or adding layers of color.

Use them in container gardens to brighten patios, balconies, or entryways. Their lush, colorful blooms contrast beautifully against green foliage, creating a focal point in container arrangements. They are particularly effective in hanging baskets, where their blooms can spill over the edges.

Incorporate Dahlietta Patty Dahlias in borders for a pop of color. They pair well with perennials and annuals, adding height and texture. Their continuous blooms keep the garden lively throughout the growing season.


Suitable Garden Styles

Cottage Garden

Dahlietta Patty Dahlias fit perfectly into the relaxed and romantic style of cottage gardens. Their bright, cheerful blooms complement other cottage garden favorites like roses and lavender, creating a whimsical and colorful display.

Modern Minimalist Garden

In a modern minimalist garden, these dahlias can be used as striking accent plants. Plant them in simple, geometric containers for a pop of color against a more restrained background. Their bold flowers stand out in sleek, contemporary settings.

Butterfly Garden

Ideal for a butterfly garden, Dahlietta Patty Dahlias attract a variety of pollinators. Their vibrant colors and nectar-rich blooms make them a favorite among butterflies, bees, and other beneficial insects, contributing to a healthy ecosystem.

Dahlietta Patty Dahlia Landscaping Ideas

Create a colorful border along walkways or driveways with Dahlietta Patty Dahlias. Their bright blooms welcome visitors and add curb appeal. Planting them along pathways makes a cheerful and inviting entrance.

Mix Dahlietta Patty Dahlias with ornamental grasses for a striking contrast. The soft, flowing texture of the grasses complements the bold dahlias, creating a dynamic and interesting garden composition.

In mixed perennial beds, these dahlias add a burst of color. They work well with other perennials, providing continuous blooms as other flowers come and go. Their compact growth habit helps fill in empty spaces, keeping the bed full and vibrant.

Seasonal Interest


In spring, Dahlietta Patty Dahlia begins to sprout, showing off its fresh green foliage. This is the time to plant them after the last frost for a summer full of blooms.


Summer is when Dahlietta Patty Dahlias truly shine. They bloom profusely, covering the plant in a carpet of vibrant, eye-catching flowers. The garden comes alive with their colors.


In the fall, Dahlietta Patty Dahlias continue to bloom until the first frost. Their persistent flowers add color and life to the garden as other plants begin to fade.


During winter, Dahlietta Patty Dahlia dies back. In colder climates, tubers should be dug up and stored in a cool, dry place to be replanted in the spring. This rest period is essential for the next season's growth.

Planting Tips

Where to Plant

Choose a spot in your garden that receives plenty of sunlight for your Dahlietta Patty Dahlias. These plants thrive in areas that get at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily, ensuring vibrant blooms and healthy growth.


Full sunlight is essential for Dahlietta Patty Dahlias. They need this to produce their spectacular flowers. A location with morning sun and some afternoon shade can also work well, especially in hotter climates.


Dahlietta Patty Dahlias prefer rich, well-draining soil. Amend your garden soil with compost or well-rotted manure to improve its fertility and drainage. Good soil preparation is key to growing healthy, vibrant dahlias.


Space Dahlietta Patty Dahlia plants about 12-18 inches apart. This spacing allows for adequate air circulation, reducing the risk of disease, and provides enough room for each plant to reach its full size and show off its blooms.

When to Plant

Plant Dahlietta Patty Dahlia tubers in the spring, after the last frost when the soil has warmed. This usually falls between late April and early June, depending on your climate.

How to Plant

Plant the tubers with the eye (where the stem will grow) facing up, about 4-6 inches deep. Cover them with soil and water thoroughly. Stake taller varieties at planting time to support their growth.

Plant Care Tips


Water Dahlietta Patty Dahlias deeply and regularly, especially during dry spells. Keep the soil evenly moist but not waterlogged, as dahlias are sensitive to overwatering.


Use a low-nitrogen fertilizer or one specifically formulated for dahlias. Apply it every 3-4 weeks from sprouting until about a month before your first expected frost.


Deadhead spent flowers regularly to encourage continuous blooming. Pinch back the tips of the main stem when plants are about 12 inches tall to promote bushier growth and more blooms.

Spring Care

In spring, once the threat of frost has passed, start watering your dormant dahlias. This will encourage them to break dormancy. It's also a good time to apply a layer of mulch to conserve moisture and suppress weeds.

Summer Care

During summer, maintain consistent watering and fertilizing. Dahlietta Patty Dahlias will require more water as temperatures rise. Monitor for pests and diseases and treat as necessary.

Fall Care

As the weather cools in fall, reduce watering. Once the first frost blackens the leaves, cut back the stems and dig up the tubers if you live in a colder climate. Store them in a cool, dry place over winter.

Winter Care

In winter, dahlias are dormant. If you've lifted the tubers, check them periodically for rot or drying out. In milder climates, where tubers are left in the ground, mulch heavily to protect them from freezing.


How Long Do Dahlietta Patty Dahlias Bloom?

Dahlietta Patty Dahlias bloom from early summer until the first frost. With proper care, they provide a long season of color. Deadheading spent flowers can extend their blooming period.

Can I Grow Dahlietta Patty Dahlias in Pots?

Yes, Dahlietta Patty Dahlias are excellent for container gardening due to their compact size. Ensure the pot is large enough and has good drainage. Container plants may require more frequent watering.

Are Dahlietta Patty Dahlias Deer Resistant?

While no plant is completely deer-proof, Dahlietta Patty Dahlias are not a favorite of deer. However, in areas with high deer pressure, additional protective measures might be necessary.

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