Dallas Blues Switchgrass

Panicum virgatum 'Dallas Blues'

Family: Switch Grass

Type: Ornamental grass

Dallas Blues Switchgrass, known botanically as Panicum virgatum ‘Dallas Blues’, is a striking ornamental grass noted for its robust size and attractive blue-green foliage. This perennial grass adds both texture and color to garden landscapes.

Its tall, upright growth habit and feathery, pink-tinged flower panicles create a stunning visual display. Dallas Blues Switchgrass is particularly known for its resilience and adaptability, thriving in a variety of conditions.

Hardy in zones 4-9, this switchgrass variety is an excellent choice for adding height and movement to gardens. It prefers full sun and well-drained soil, making it a low-maintenance option for many gardeners.

Needs & Preferences

Hardiness Zone: 3b-4a

Pet Friendly: Yes

Moisture Preference: Dry to moist

Sun Needs: Full sun to partial shade

Drought Tolerance (Xeriscape): Yes


Growth Rate: Medium

Average Height (feet): 5

Average Spread (feet): 3

Average Life Span (years): 15

Form: Upright spreading


Flower Color: Purple

Secondary Flower Color: Pink

Bloom Season: In late summer

Foliage Color: Blue

Leaf Fall Color: Yellow

Foliage Shape: Grassy

Landscaping Your Yard With Dallas Blues Switchgrass

Incorporating Dallas Blues Switchgrass into your garden design can provide structure and height. Its striking blue-green blades and fluffy flower heads offer visual interest throughout the growing season.

This grass is perfect for creating natural borders, accenting garden beds, or as a standalone feature in a landscape. Its tall stature makes it an ideal backdrop for shorter plants.

Despite its dramatic appearance, Dallas Blues Switchgrass is surprisingly easy to care for. It’s drought-tolerant once established and can withstand a variety of soil conditions.


Suitable Garden Styles

Prairie Garden

In prairie gardens, Dallas Blues Switchgrass contributes to the natural, wild aesthetic with its tall, flowing grasses.

Modern Garden

For modern landscapes, this switchgrass adds architectural interest with its linear form and striking color.

Wildlife Garden

In wildlife gardens, its seeds attract birds, and its foliage provides shelter, enhancing biodiversity.

Dallas Blues Switchgrass Landscaping Ideas

Plant in groups to create a natural screen or windbreak. Its dense growth habit is effective for creating privacy.

Use as an accent in mixed perennial beds. Its height and color contrast beautifully with flowering perennials.

Combine with other ornamental grasses for varied textures. Planting with shorter, contrasting grasses creates a dynamic and layered effect.

Seasonal Interest


In spring, Dallas Blues Switchgrass begins to grow, with its blue-green blades emerging from the soil.


During summer, it reaches full height and blooms with airy, pink-tinged flowers, adding a soft, ethereal quality.


In the fall, the foliage may turn to hues of gold and bronze, offering warm autumnal tones to the landscape.


In winter, the dried grass stands tall, providing structure and interest in the dormant garden.

Companion Plants


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Planting Tips

Where to Plant

Dallas Blues Switchgrass is best planted in an area with full sun exposure. Ideal for open landscapes, it can also thrive in garden beds or as a striking element in mixed borders.


This grass requires full sun to perform best, enjoying at least six hours of direct sunlight daily.


It adapts to a wide range of soil types but prefers well-draining soil. Tolerant of both dry and moist conditions, it’s versatile in various landscapes.


Space plants about 3 to 4 feet apart. This spacing allows each clump to mature fully and exhibit its natural shape.

When to Plant

The ideal time to plant Dallas Blues Switchgrass is in the spring, allowing the plant to establish itself throughout the growing season.

How to Plant

Dig a hole as deep and twice as wide as the root ball. Place the plant in the hole, fill it with soil, and water thoroughly to settle the roots.

Plant Care Tips


Water regularly after planting until established. Mature plants are drought tolerant but benefit from occasional watering during extended dry spells.


Fertilize lightly in the spring with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer to encourage growth.


Cut back the foliage in late winter or early spring before new growth starts to tidy the plant and encourage fresh growth.

By Season


Spring Care

Remove any winter debris from around the plant and apply a thin layer of compost for nutrients.

Summer Care

Water as necessary during prolonged dry periods. Generally, Dallas Blues Switchgrass is low maintenance in the summer.

Fall Care

Continue to water if needed and enjoy the changing foliage colors as the season progresses.

Winter Care

Leave the dried foliage for winter interest. It adds texture to the garden and provides habitat for wildlife.

Plant Alternatives


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Northwind Switchgrass

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Red Rays Switchgrass

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How Tall Does Dallas Blues Switchgrass Grow?

Dallas Blues Switchgrass can reach heights of 4 to 6 feet, especially when in bloom.

Is Dallas Blues Switchgrass Invasive?

No, it is not considered invasive. It grows in clumps and does not aggressively spread.

Can Dallas Blues Switchgrass Be Divided?

Yes, it can be divided in early spring every few years to maintain vigor and control size.

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