Neon Flash Spiraea

Spiraea japonica 'Neon Flash'

Family: Spirea

Type: Shrub

Neon Flash Spiraea, scientifically known as Spiraea japonica ‘Neon Flash’, is a vibrant and eye-catching deciduous shrub. Renowned for its bright pink flowers and lush green foliage, this plant is a popular choice for gardeners seeking to add a splash of color to their landscapes. The blooms are particularly striking against the dark green leaves, creating a vivid display from late spring to early summer.

Compact in size, typically growing to about 2-3 feet in height and spread, Neon Flash Spiraea is ideal for small gardens, borders, and foundation plantings. Its rounded, bushy habit makes it a versatile choice for a variety of garden settings. This shrub is not only visually appealing but also easy to care for, making it suitable for both novice and experienced gardeners.

Thriving in full sun to partial shade, Neon Flash Spiraea prefers well-drained soil. It’s known for its adaptability to different soil types and environmental conditions. Regular pruning helps maintain its shape and encourages repeat blooming, keeping the plant attractive throughout the growing season.

Needs & Preferences

Hardiness Zone: 3a-4a

Deer Resistant: Yes

Pet Friendly: Yes

Moisture Preference: Average to moist

Sun Needs: Full sun


Growth Rate: Fast

Average Height (feet): 3

Average Spread (feet): 4

Average Life Span (years): 20

Form: Round


Flower Color: Red

Bloom Season: From late spring to early summer

Foliage Color: Green

Leaf Fall Color: Orange

Foliage Shape: Pointy

Bark Color: Brown

Bark Texture: Smooth

Landscaping Your Yard With Neon Flash Spiraea

Neon Flash Spiraea is perfect for creating vibrant accents in garden beds and borders. Its compact size and colorful blooms make it an excellent choice for adding interest to any landscape. Plant it in groups for a bold display of color or use it as a specimen plant for a more subtle effect.

Incorporate this Spiraea into mixed shrub borders or as a low hedge. Its repeat blooming nature provides long-lasting color and texture. Neon Flash Spiraea is also suitable for container gardening, bringing its bright blooms to patios and deck areas.

Due to its manageable size and attractive foliage, Neon Flash Spiraea can be used as an underplanting for taller shrubs or small trees. It pairs well with perennials and grasses, creating a layered and dynamic garden design.


Suitable Garden Styles

Cottage Garden

In cottage gardens, Neon Flash Spiraea adds a touch of whimsy with its bright pink flowers. It complements the informal, abundant style of these gardens.

Formal Garden

In formal gardens, this Spiraea can be used to create symmetrical designs. Its uniform growth habit and vibrant blooms add a refined touch to structured garden layouts.

Urban Garden

Neon Flash Spiraea is a great choice for urban gardens due to its adaptability and compact size. It can thrive in limited spaces while adding significant visual interest.

Neon Flash Spiraea Landscaping Ideas

Use Neon Flash Spiraea along garden pathways or as an edge plant. Its colorful blooms and neat habit make it ideal for defining spaces within the garden. Pair it with plants that have contrasting foliage or flower colors for a striking visual display.

Seasonal Interest


In spring, Neon Flash Spiraea starts to leaf out, preparing for its spectacular bloom in late spring to early summer.


During the summer, the plant is covered in bright pink flowers, creating a lively and colorful display in the garden.


In the fall, Neon Flash Spiraea's leaves may turn to shades of orange and red, adding autumnal interest before the plant sheds its leaves.


In winter, the bare branches of Neon Flash Spiraea still offer structural interest in the garden, especially when dusted with snow.

Planting Tips

Where to Plant

Neon Flash Spiraea should be planted in a location that receives full sun to partial shade. It’s ideal for garden beds, borders, and can also be used for foundation plantings in landscapes.


This shrub flourishes in full sun but can also tolerate partial shade. In full sun, it produces the most vibrant flowers and maintains a compact form.


Neon Flash Spiraea is adaptable to a variety of soil types but thrives best in well-drained soil. It can tolerate both slightly acidic and alkaline soils.


Space Neon Flash Spiraea plants about 2-3 feet apart. This spacing allows each plant enough room for air circulation and growth, ensuring plant health and vigor.

When to Plant

The best time to plant Neon Flash Spiraea is in the early spring or fall. Planting during these cooler times helps the shrub establish itself before the extremes of summer or winter.

How to Plant

Dig a hole twice as wide as the root ball and just as deep. Place the shrub in the hole, fill it with soil, and water it thoroughly. Mulching can help retain soil moisture and regulate temperature.

Plant Care Tips


Water regularly during the first growing season to establish a deep, extensive root system. Once established, Neon Flash Spiraea is relatively drought-tolerant.


Apply a general-purpose fertilizer in early spring before new growth begins. Avoid over-fertilizing, which can promote leaf growth at the expense of flowers.


Prune Neon Flash Spiraea in late winter or early spring. Pruning encourages healthy new growth and a more robust flowering.

By Season


Spring Care

In spring, prune to shape the plant and remove any dead or damaged wood. Start regular watering and apply fertilizer as new growth appears.

Summer Care

During the summer, keep an eye on moisture levels, especially in hot, dry periods. Deadhead spent flowers to encourage additional blooming.

Fall Care

In fall, prepare the plant for winter. Reduce watering, and no fertilization is needed during this time.

Winter Care

Neon Flash Spiraea is hardy and does not require special winter care. However, in regions with harsh winters, a layer of mulch can provide extra root protection.


Can Neon Flash Spiraea be Used in a Hedge?

Yes, its compact size and dense habit make it suitable for a low, informal hedge.

How Fast Does Neon Flash Spiraea Grow?

Neon Flash Spiraea has a moderate growth rate, typically reaching its full size in a few seasons.

Is Neon Flash Spiraea Deer Resistant?

While no plant is completely deer-proof, Neon Flash Spiraea is not a favorite of deer and is considered relatively deer-resistant.

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