Sourcing Materials

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We’ve made it easy to find the plants for your new garden or landscape. 

Almost all of the plants in our designs can be ordered online via Grow Joy and Nature Hills Nursery. We do this to ensure a one-stop-shop buying experience where you can have everything delivered right to your doorstep. 

Since we try to use the most commonly available plant materials in our designs, chances are most of them can be found at your local wholesale / retail nursery. It’s always a good idea to buy locally and build relationships with those who know your area.  

Ordering online is simple

If you purchased one of our Garden Designs you will be able to find the plants and veggies on, one of the best online plant nurseries. They also carry many plants for our Landscape Designs.

  • Nature Hills Nursery is the US’s largest online nursery.  They carry a wide range of very high-quality plant materials that include most of the plants used in our Landscape Designs.  For extremely high-quality plant materials and even larger over-sized trees, they are the best way to go!  They go the extra mile with their Plant Sentry to make sure everything is pest and disease free.
  • Grow Joy is our #1 recommendation for fruits and vegetables. From careful growing to professional packaging to timely delivery, they’re experts at bringing strong, healthy plants straight to your home! They even let you pre-order for spring and ship during your planting window so the plants are not just sitting around!
  • Monrovia is another great option that offers a huge selection of plants online. You can also find their plants in garden centers located near you using the Find A Monrovia Retailer tool on their website. This enables you to search by plant name and it will show you locations in your area that carry that plant material.
  • Proven Winners is another one of those names you may recognize. They sell plants online and through retailers all over the country. Go to their website here to search plant material and find local retailers.
  • Burpee is another great online resource for ordering plants and garden materials. You can find their website here and search their big catalog of vegetables and flowers.
  • Planting Tree ( and Fast Growing Trees ( are great options for larger nursery stock that you probably didn’t even know could be shipped! They also have a wonderful variety of shrubs, grasses, and perennials.
  • Great Garden Plants is another one worth exploring. They specialize in shrubs, bushes, and trees.
  • Park Seed is the way to go If you are looking for seeds to either start in doors or sow directly into your garden.  They also have great indoor grow kits.  You can find them here
  • For some harder to find seeds and a great list of Organic seeds check out Botanical Interests.  They also have a lot of great free information on how to start growing indoors!

You can also buy local

We also suggest going local so you can see and inspect the plants in person. It’s always a fun experience picking them out yourself and with friends and family. And there’s usually someone there that can help you select the healthiest, most beautiful plants.  If they do not have the plants in stock they may be able to offer suitable replacements!

Be sure to call around to several nurseries to compare their different services and prices. This will give you the best start to your planting journey! You can easily locate the closest wholesale or retail nurseries by doing a quick search on Google.  

Did you buy a large design that needs A LOT of plant material? Many wholesale and retail nurseries offer delivery services. You can even call ahead and have the orders put together for you. 

More possibilities

It’s usually best to stick with the recommended plants for your design because your Garden Assistant reminders are based on those specific varieties. If you do choose to make substitutions, that’s fine too! You can adjust your Garden Assistant notifications with the new harvest dates, etc. and your notifications will be automatically updated. 

Our simple solutions help you find plants and install the garden easily using our patented numbering system. But things come up and you might find yourself busier than you thought. So you can always hire someone to do it for you.