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Oakleaf Hydrangeas

Oakleaf Hydrangeas

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Ruby Slippers Hydrangea

Hydrangea quercifolia 'Ruby Slippers'

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Gatsby Star Hydrangea

Hydrangea quercifolia 'Gatsby Star'

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Oakleaf Hydrangeas

The Oakleaf Hydrangea, scientifically known as Hydrangea quercifolia, is a distinctive and charming species of hydrangea, cherished for its oak leaf-shaped foliage and magnificent blooms. This North American native stands out in the hydrangea family for its unique leaf shape and year-round interest.

The oak leaf hydrangea is so named for its foliage, which resembles that of an oak tree. These leaves bring a unique texture and shape to the garden, different from the more common round leaves of other hydrangeas. In addition to their shape, the leaves of oakleaf hydrangeas provide seasonal interest with their vibrant fall colors.

Hydrangea quercifolia is revered for its large, elongated clusters of flowers that bloom in the summer. These flowers typically start white and may turn to shades of pink or purple as they age. The blooms are known for their longevity and provide interest throughout the season.

There are various oakleaf hydrangea varieties, each with its own unique attributes. Some popular cultivars include ‘Snow Queen’, with large, upright blooms, and ‘Alice’, known for its large flowers and robust growth. ‘Ruby Slippers’ is a compact variety with flowers that turn a deep rose-pink as they age. These varieties offer options for different garden sizes and styles.

Pruning oak leaf hydrangeas is an important aspect of their care, but it should be done with consideration. These hydrangeas bloom on old wood, meaning that they set their flower buds on stems that have been on the plant since the previous season. Pruning should be done immediately after flowering to avoid cutting off next year’s blooms. The goal is to remove old flowers and thin out crowded areas to encourage healthy growth and air circulation.

In summary, the oakleaf hydrangea is a stunning and versatile plant that brings beauty and interest to gardens throughout the year. Its unique foliage, attractive blooms, and various cultivars make it a favorite among gardeners. With proper pruning and care, oakleaf hydrangeas can be a long-lasting, captivating feature in any garden setting.

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